A new sensory experience

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An innovation in newborn comfort

Secure next to your skin – hands free

From day one, we believe all babies should be given the closeness and security of human touch so they can achieve their full potential. 

Newbie Love’s smooth padded neck support frees you to relax and enjoy this closeness.

Newborn babies can’t support their own head well until they are about a month old, and can’t properly hold it up when placed in a sitting position until around 4 months. Neck muscles and head control should be strong and steady by 6 months.

Let Newbie Love support you both over these precious months.

Newbie Love smooth cotton

Newbie Love premium mesh

Newbie Love Premium Smooth Wrap Basic Carry

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I like stretchy wraps for little babies, I’m not going to lie. Very snuggly, easy to learn front wrap cross carry, very comfortable... but UGH. HOT. And then, Fertile Mind sent me something clever. It’s called Newbie and it incorporates MESH over baby, with a center solid for easy alignment, a gather at the base for simple secure positioning, AND a shaped and gently padded top rail to support newborn necks. It’s actually fricking awesome. 😂

Keep calm and carry them

“Hugh felt much more protected and I felt more secure.”

Robyn, mother of newborn Hugh, on trying Newbie Love for the first time

Research shows a newborn's brain developes best when stimulated by our voice, smell, movement and skin-to-skin contact. Newbie Love doesn't just protect our babies, it offers profound benefits for overall development.

We call this BQ.

Christine Kininmonth certified baby carrier consultant, inventor, journalist, mum of four

Newbie Love Premium Mesh Wrap Front Cross Carry

Quality you will love to give

Looking for something special? Newbie Love is the perfect gift.