Get to Know Your Newbie

A calmer, more settled baby.

Your soothing touch, familiar smell and calming voice not only settle your baby, but are beneficial for language and emotional growth. If you want a happier baby and more opportunity to get things done, Newbie Love can help you get there. With decades of experience in babywearing, Newbie Love's designers can vouch for the benefits of holding your baby close while you go about your day. Babies respond to your touch and your heartbeat, they thrive in the presence of your body.

To bring out the best in your baby, try Newbie Love.

Here are some evidence-based benefits of using a baby carrier:


Newbie Love babies are calmer (1)


Newbie Love babies get more brain-boosting face time (2)


Newbie Love babies cry less (3)


Newbie Love babies sit froggy style to grow stronger hips (4)


Newbie Love babies enjoy more head and neck support


Newbie Love babies are more supported in their natural shape


"Research shows a newborn’s brain develops best when stimulated by our voice, smell, movement and skin-to-skin contact.

Newbie Love doesn’t just protect our babies, it offers profound benefits for overall development".

We call this BQ®

Newbie Love - Love me better


 BQ - Baby's overall development


(1) Ref: The calming effect of maternal crying in different mammalian species. Eposito G1, Setoh P2, Yoshina S3, Kuroda KO4.  (2) Ref: Babies need to see their parent’s face for optimal development. Dr K. Goodwin, Children’s technology and development researcher.  (3) Ref: Increased carrying reduces infant crying: A randomized controlled trial. Hunziker UA, Barr RG.  (4) Healthy Hips Australia.