Who is Newbie Love?

Newbie Love might be the new kid on the block but we have decades of parenting and babywearing experience!

Co-designer Christine Kininmonth is a mother of four daughters and inventor of the BellyBelt maternity kit which is sold around the world.She relied on baby carriers for all her daughters as she grew her start-up, and "would have been lost' without them.

"Truly, I credit baby carriers for my sanity and my productivity. I had a baby on my front to walk the dog, on my back to visit the Show, on my hip to see museums, on my back to deliver stock, on my back to cook meals, on my front to breastfeed while watching the Sydney Olympics!" 

Christine fell in love with baby carriers for their ability to settle her babies and for their convenience, and only later learned that the term "babywearing" was a global community with support groups, You Tube celebrities and dedicated schools to train instructors. 

Christine and her co-designer and business partner Peter Hooker trained as professional baby carrying consultants with Die Trageschule Dresden to ensure they were responsible resellers of the baby carriers they wanted to add to their company's range. This led to them purchasing the Hug-a-Bub stretchy wrap and ring sling brand,  and the subsequent development of Newbie Love.

Newbie Love developed after talking to young parents and being asked "What about my baby's neck?"  The Premium Mesh was designed to help parents who asked "Doesn't the baby get hot?" 

Using 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Newbie Love is cool and breathable and the Premium Mesh organic cotton panels offer extra ventilation (especially when tied in the Front Wrap Cross Carry open front style).

The padded neck pillow offers protection for newborns whose neck muscles are not fully developed, and the pillow is also cool, made from organic cotton padding.

Newbie Love passes the strict U.S. and EU standards and is Certified Fair Trade manufacture.

Both Newbie Love and Hug-a-Bub baby carriers are highly suitable for newborn babies.