Great Questions about Newbie Love

What age is it suitable from? 

Newborn to 6-8 months depending on the weight of your baby and how comfortable you feel. The weight range is 3.2 kg to 14 kg (7 lbs to 31 lbs).

From what weight can I start using my Newbie Love?

We recommend that you start from 3.2 kg and if your baby is low weight or premature, please do discuss your options with your health professional (to ensure your baby's respiratory system is healthy, for example).  

What age does it go up to?

The semi-stretch properties of Newbie Love's special fabric (made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton) support older babies comfortably for the baby and the wearer, some over 6-8 months. Many stretch wraps made from man-made or partially man-made fabric (like bamboo rayon, polyester or viscose) are not as supportive as Newbie Love.

Can I face my baby out (so their back is against my body) in the Newbie Love?

Technically yes I suppose, but why would you? Research has shown that babies' brains develop best when they can see your face. The neurons fire in response to 'serve and return' communication - so seeing your face and hearing your sing-song "baby voice" is key to their language and communication development.  To try this, poke out your tongue, or make an "O" shape with your mouth and say "ooh ooh" - and watch your baby try to copy you from a very young age.

Forget the dangling toys and playing Mozart, the most important brain development tool or toy you can offer your baby is your face.  Not to mention baby can see and respond to your smiles, your laughs, your love.

For these and so many reasons, we do not recommend you face your baby out in Newbie Love, and so we don't provide instructions for doing so.

How do I learn to tie my Newbie Love?

If you can plait hair, you can tie a Newbie Love. It just takes a shot glass of determination and an "I can do it" attitude. Think of how proud you will be to wrap your baby close to your body without having to think about, quickly and easily. 

I won't will take about 5-10 minutes to tie Newbie Love really well the first time. It will take 3 times to do it without having to follow instructions (but if your memory and coordination is like mine, you may need to refer to them for a few more goes).

It isn't hard. There are step-by-step instructions in every box, and step-by-step videos on this website and on You Tube.

You can also google "stretchy wrap" tutorials on You Tube to find hundreds of experts showing you their methods for tying wraps without protective neck pillows, but offering similar tying methods. Try "Stretchy wrap with a Newborn",  "Front Wrap Cross Carry", "Pocket Wrap Cross Carry", "Breastfeeding in a Stretchy" and "Hip Carry with a Stretchy."

I'm nervous about these wrap style carriers, is it easy to learn?

Great question, and yes it is nerve-wracking and yes, it is easy to learn. For some reason many of us are scared about trying something new. It often appears as if "everyone else can do it" but "I couldn't do that."
Well, trust me. You can do this. Newbie Love is a simple step-by-step process. Just take a deep breath and a rolled up towel (your "baby"), and try! You will see why wrapping your baby is so popular and precious, and that Newbie Love is a really clever and very secure way to quickly and easily carry your baby. Your result will give you confidence and a new life, as you enjoy being close to your baby while getting things done around the house. 

Is it easy to tie my Newbie Love?

It's as easy as learning to bath a baby. It's probably harder than putting on a romper. It's a bit harder than putting a baby in a carseat. It's easier than folding some prams. It's easier than folding a fitted sheet (or perhaps that's just me!)

My point is, it does take a little bit of effort and a little bit of practise. Perhaps 10 minutes all up (2 x 5 minute practise sessions). But the results are so worth it, you'll get months and months of benefit, and your life will change. Does it sound like 10 minutes is too much?

Does Newbie Love pass the Australian Standards?

Well, guess what? There are no Australian Standards. So, team Newbie Love decided to find the toughest standards in the world and pass those.

We have passed the U.S. and EU standards for soft baby carriers, which test all aspects of our production and product safety, including our packaging, instructions and labelling, fabric toxicity and presence of nasties.

As well, Newbie Love is 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, so there are no toxic residues against your baby's skin.

My Newbie Love is floppy, what can I do to tighten it?

A happy newbie and happy wearer does require that Newbie Love is tied firmly over your baby and your body. A sloppy tie might make them jiggle about uncomfortably. If you shake your body gently side to side, your baby shouldn't move too much in the carrier.

The key to a firmly tied Newbie Love is tightening the panel over your chest. This won't mean much until you've followed the video, but watch the video and read the instructions and pay particular attention to the section on tightening your Newbie Love.

To tighten Newbie Love, lift fabric up at the shoulders and pull. It will automatically tighten the front part of the carrier.

How do I know Newbie Love is safe to use?

Newbie Love is made by the Hug-a-Bub brand with 20 years of experience in carrying babies in stretch wraps. Tens of thousands of parents have enjoyed the womb-like experience of our stretch wraps, and there are hundreds of positive reviews on Product Review. As well, the Newbie Love designers Christine and Peter are trained baby carrier consultants with Die Trageschule Dresden, one of the world's leading baby carrying training organisations. We know babies, we know stretch wraps, we've carried our own babies, we will keep you safe.

How do I ensure my baby is safe in Newbie Love?

Always make sure your baby is Visible and Kissable (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance trademarked term). You should be able to see your baby, and kiss the top of their head.

There are internationally recognised guidelines called T.I.C.K.S. which also help ensure your baby's safety in ANY carrier.

T. Tightly held against the body I. In view at all times C.Close enough to kiss K. Keep baby's chin off chest S. Supported back.

How do I get my Newbie Love Premium Mesh to look like the one in the pictures with the baby showing through the mesh?

That's the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) method which is shown in a step-by-step instructional video on this site. The exciting thing about this method is that you can expose the mesh fully, or cover it up by "closing the curtains" of fabric on either side of the mesh.

The FWCC method can be used with Newbie Love Smooth Grey and Smooth Black too.

Can I cover up the mesh in the Newbie Love Premium Mesh?

Yes, when you use the Front Wrap Cross Carry method of tying (see step-by-step video instructions on this website) you can expose the mesh or you can "close the curtains" by pulling the smooth organic cotton sides over the mesh to cover it up. It's quick and easy, and can be changed back and forth in seconds while baby is in the Newbie Love.

What does it cost to ship overseas?

It costs around $A20 to the UK and Europe and around $A10 to the USA, NZ and other closer countries. There is a separate page on shipping costs and times, so please refer to that.

What if my baby doesn't like the Newbie Love?

We sell a number of different brands of baby carriers and we sometimes get this question so I've put it in here. All babies love being picked up and held, so we know that a baby carrier is not inherently the issue. Your baby will almost always fall heavily in love with being in their baby carrier because they will associate it with activity and movement, rocking motion and being close to you.

The best thing to do is to put baby in the baby carrier (crying or not) and go for a walk. This almost always does the trick to settle and soothe them. Or sway and sing and pat their bottom.

Check your Newbie Love is tied firmly over your baby and your body. A sloppy tie might make them jiggle about uncomfortably. If you shake your body gently side to side, your baby shouldn't move too much in the carrier.

If that doesn't work, take them out, feed them and check their nappy/diaper and try again when they are more content.

My baby doesn't like being in the Newbie Love, what can I try?

Walking about usually helps, swaying, slow dancing, singing and crooning, talking to them, getting on with your chores while patting their bottom. These will all help. If not, take them out and try again later. See the answer above for more ideas.

Check your Newbie Love is tied firmly over your baby and your body. A sloppy tie might make them jiggle about uncomfortably. If you shake your body gently side to side, your baby shouldn't move too much in the carrier.

How high up does the padded neck pillow sit when I'm using the Newbie Love?

The padded neck pillow should sit at the bottom third of baby's head, cradling their head so that it doesn't flop backwards. Don't cover baby's head, as baby should always be Visible and Kissable (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance trademarked motto) for their own safety.

My baby is premature, can I use Newbie Love?

We suggest that you check with your health professional before using Newbie Love, for example, to ensure that their respiratory system is strong and healthy.

How do I make Newbie Love more comfortable?

Newbie Love is very comfortable to wear. To make sure you are getting the most comfortable carry, ensure the fabric is spread wide over your back, with no twists. Make sure the fabric doesn't twist over your shoulders. Try to spread out the waist fabric nice and wide, because that also makes for a comfortable carrier.

What is Newbie Love made of?

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, one of the most environmental choices you can make. It rates B on the Environmental Table collated by independent environmental watchdog Made-By (just after recycled fibres). As a comparison, other fabrics such as regular cotton, bamboo rayon or viscose score E on the table.

How do I wash Newbie Love?

cold machine wash with mild detergent. Dry and store away from direct sunlight. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

Where can I share this video and these great pictures of my baby in Newbie Love?

Please please do share, we'd love you to tag us @newbielove.carriers